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Introducing CREATO(🔈kree·ayto)  India’s First Crypto Token for Creators, and fans to buy, sell, mint & collect content— all in one app.

The Platform aims to help creators take control of their growth and become self-sufficient.

Turn your Ideas, Art, Music, Reviews, etc. into NFTs.

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Mint. Sell. Collect.

Create any content “mint” it to an Non-fungible token(NFT), post your newly minted NFT to CREATVERSE platform, then share & sell them to your biggest fans

Monetize Everything

Every interaction is a payment paid to the creator

1 CREATO = 36 US Cent

Stake to Unlock Exclusive Content

By staking on a creator’s profile, Fans will gain access to exclusive content by their favorite creators, while also being able to earn additional $CREATO tokens.

Shop Seamlessly

Purchasing content and staking on your profiles is
only a tap away by using your crypto wallet

Control Who Sees Your Content

Customize who can see your NFTs. You can make
posts public, or for collectors/stakers only.

Token Features

No Owner

Ownership of the contract was renounced on day one. This means that the code cannot be change by anyone.

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Token Features


CREATVERSE has a built-in 10% transaction tax where 5% gets burnt & 5% goes back to holders.

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Token Features


The $CREATO token will be powering our platform. It will be the default currency used to create, claim, buy and sell NFTs.

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Token Features

Passive income

With our built-in 5% redistribution on every transaction, your funds will increase more and more while you hold our token.

Staking Pool Tiers
A Versatile Utility Token

$CREATO Governance Token

Fueled by large-scale marketing initiatives, the $CREATO token will become a staple cryptocurrency backed by a user base of millions of Creators.

India's First Native utility token powering Crypto for Creators

As the utility token of a vibrant social network, the $CREATO token will efficiently capture the value of our growing user base.

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$CREATO is the only accepted currency to purchase NFT tokens, services and games in this platform marketplaces.



$CREATO is the only accepted currency for purchasing advertising on the platform. Promote your company or yourself to a large, targeted audience of cryptocurrency users around the world.



Stake $CREATO to receive a share of advertising revenues. Every month, CREATVERSE redistributes 20% of total advertising revenues to $CREATO stakers.



Every month, CREATVERSE burns 5% of all $CREATO that was spent on advertising.



If a user enjoys a particular piece of content and wants to support the creator, they can give them a tip in $CREATO. This aims to create a positive culture around sharing legitimate, high quality content.



$CREATO token holders can exercise voting rights on key elements of the CREATVERSE ecosystem such as new features on the CREATVERSE platform.



Send and receive $CREATO tokens between your friends, family and acquaintances on CREATVERSE instantly and free of charge.



Create, inspire, influence
CREATVERSE is the social network of creative portfolios based on the blockchain that rewards creatives and curators. In CREATVERSE, authors can register the copyright of a creation and distribute their work directly to their fans.

Share your creative works and start earning rewards.
Publish your creative portfolio and make your community of followers grow. Follow your friends and favorite creatives and earn rewards in digital tokens getting votes (likes) from the community. An algorithm distributes tokens constantly to authors and curators as a reward according to the vote of all users in the community.

In CREATVERSE, you can sell your content directly to your followers without intermediaries or commissions. Now you will be your own bank and you will be able to manage your earnings in tokens inside the platform. You can sell and change these tokens or transfer them to other users.

Certify your creations safely
CREATVERSE offers a public and transparent alternative of intellectual property registration making intelligent use of the revolutionary distributed blockchain technology. The platform automatically creates incorruptible timestamps that issue a certificate of authorship and a distribution license for any digital work.

This feature automatically protects the work of artists, designers, and multimedia creatives who share their works on the platform.

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