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Every idea, shared as an NFT.

The safest and easiest community to create, store, share and sell your digital assets and NFTs

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Split ownership clearly

Know who is collaborating and what they’ve contributed.

Record ideas in-app

Share from wherever you are creating.

Backed by Blockchain

See when you shared, and who saw it.


Join The Club.

Fan Clubs unlock unlimited access to exclusive perks and content produced by your favorite Creators.


All-access pass to Creator’s videos & exclusive content

Direct Messages & Chat sessions

Vote on Creator decisions

More coming soon!

*Each Creator determines what is included in their own Fan Club.

Video Calls

Want to virtually meet and hang out with your favorite athletes, actors, musicians, stars & Creators? Now you can with live video calls.

Direct Messaging

Ever wanted to say congrats to Ezekiel Elliott on a win, or get special workout advice from your favorite trainer? Now you can with Direct Messages & Chats.

Vote on Big Decisions

From what shoes to wear on the court in tonight’s big game to what song they write next. Have your say by voting on decisions posted by Creators.

Launch Your Token

It all starts with your CREAT token. Once you launch your CREAT token, Fans can buy your tokens to unlock access to your content and experiences.

Setup Your Perks

Perks are all the ways fans can access you. Using your tokens, fans will buy your perks which could be stuff like a 5 minute live video call, or subscribing to your Fan Club. This is how you make money.

Monetize Your Community

CREATVERSE is all about providing you with the tools to build your economy and monetize your community. Track your progress through a range of in-app community & token analytics.


CREAT lets anyone upload their content easily and burn their Tokens for free.

The CREAT wallet makes it easy to post NFTs to Rarible.